SHORT FILM // 10 MINS // 2019 

Produced by
Primo Content and Early Man film.

Directed by
Erik Morales.

Cinematography by
Daniel Fernandez Abelló.

Edited by
Marc Soria.

Music by
Toni M. Mir.

“A Girl in a Fortress” is a tribute to Indian miniature painting art. The conscious decision to not contextualise the story and to not give certain information to the viewer, is motivated by my own experience when facing Indian myths.

As a western viewer, the sensation of mystery and secrecy that one experiences when confronted for the first time with Indian miniature paintings is exactly this; you see those strange characters, gods, kings and princesses of another time, in beautiful forests or palaces, enclosed in hieratic and symbolic scenes, that you do not quite understand.


You perceive that they are telling you a story that you do not know but, at the same time, you perfectly understand the emotion they are evoking. Their universe seduces you and makes you fill the gaps of the story in your head. You write part of the story that you are experiencing, making the story different for each viewer.

I love that feeling.

I want the viewer to face this story the same way I did years ago, as if he/she is observing a series of unknown paintings on the walls of a museum.

Erik Morales.